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Thursday, April 15, 2004


Today was interesting. Saw the new Dawn of the Dead. It was a bit gorier than I had anticipated, but turned out to be a good movie. Very real. The only nagging question I have is what were Dude's failings as a husband? I know this makes no sense to anyone who didn't see it, but oh well. We'll be leaving later this evening for the weekend, and who knows what my chances of computer connectivity are at the in-laws, so we'll see how that goes.

I wanted to start a "Church marquee of the day" thing (just to share my particular brand of psychosis), but this is really kind of a bad week for it apparently. It's just after Easter, so none of them are particularly interesting. "Jesus lives. He is risen!" That's pretty much it. Although I will say that I wouldn't pin the word "live" on Jesus at this point. Even if you believe that he rose from the dead (interesting connection with the movie there...), he then finished his business and ascended to Heaven. Now, while he may not be "dead" in the commonly understood sense of the word, I think living in Heaven sort of precludes "life" in the common sense of the word, too.

Well, here's to Class reunions and hoping my wife doesn't explode and slaughter her family. Ciao!



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