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Monday, April 19, 2004

Of Old Friends and Relatives

Well, the class reunion went well. My wife was radiant. I got to meet some of the people she knew "back in the day." Not to mention some of those that wouldn't give her the time of day. Most of them were friendly, some in a stand-offish sort of way. The "I'm being friendly, but not being friends" sort of thing. But several of them were very friendly, and I even got hugs from them. People I'd be glad to know more.

As to her family, they are all still alive. No major explosions. Mom's having more health issues, but she still cooks divinely. Say what you want about her, that woman can cook!

Sad to say, there's no church marquee of the day. While we were away, all the marquees we saw still had the Easter stuff up. Haven't seen any since Sunday. Though, I could recall another one from my childhood, I guess: "CH CH. What's missing? U R." Kind of a cutesy way to dress up that message. Can't really fault 'em for it. They've gotta do something, right?

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