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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Earlier this week, I saw this posted:

"1. what other people think of me is none of my business 2. worry is misplaced imagination and 3. if you don't want to be happy, you'll find reasons not and the other way around."

I thought that they were all such perfect sentiments, I had to spread them around a bit. Number one is counterintuitive. "Of course it's my business," you think. "They're thinking about me." But really, it's not. You are who you are. People's thoughts about you will always be colored by their own experiences, biases, and beliefs. But what it really comes down to is be you. Do what you feel is right, not what you think will make others think well of you.

Number two is just remarkably phrased. One of those sentences I wish I could etch on my wife's brain.

Number three is a truism and a more general statement of the golden rule of military assignments: "Every assignment is what you make it." Everyone who's ever been in the military has heard this. Almost everyone in the military has said it. The general is something I grabbed and ran with when I found out that my follow-on for Korea was not Denver, but right back here at Langley. I decided it was either be miserable for a year, or be happy - assignment be damned. So, I was (and am) the guy who always has a smile on his lips; who answers the casual "how's it goin'?" with "it's a great day!" And it has made all the difference.

This week, I'm thankful for the food that keeps my family nourished. I am all too aware that there are lots of people all around the world who don't get enough to eat. I am grateful that when I'm forced to throw away some food that one of my sons has dropped on the floor or some such, that it's an annoyance, rather than a tragedy.

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