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Saturday, February 04, 2006

That's 3, take 5.

Wow. Saundra and I found a new discipline program this week: 1-2-3- Magic. It uses time-out, which is not unusual, but what I found interesting is that it stresses "no talking-no emotion." Essentially, Dr. Phelan (the psychologist who developed it) thinks that parents talk too much when disciplining their children. They aren't little adults who can be reasoned with, they are children and fairly unreasonable. Well, the program intrigued us, so we started it last night. It took a while to see how things were going to work, because Ryan was very good last night. But we did have an episode as we were starting dinner.

I counted him out (as the program suggests, with no emotion, and no talking other than the count) and took him to his time-out. After 3 minutes, his time-out was done and he came back down and started in on his dinner without fuss. A few minutes later, he started to disbehave again. I counted 1, and then 2, and he stopped and said (quietly) "no-o-o-o..."

Results so quickly! Well, we'll see how well it does over time. In 3 weeks, I'll let you all know how it's going.

Oh, and quote of the day: "...about as useful as a hot sister." When I heard that, I almost fell to the ground laughing.

--Beav (hot sisters have hot friends, don't they?)



  • At 7:48 AM, Anonymous You May Be Right said…

    Depends. Most of the time the girls hate 'em, and the only entourage they have is guys. Or they keep company with girls who are less hot, thereby making themselves appear even MORE hot.

    So, not usually, I'd say.

    And as for the method: makes much sense. I eagerly anticipate your analysis, as Daniel and I are planning to embark upon that adventure as soon as we can!!

    (personal aside, my last name is Elder now. A good Scottish heritage to add to my righ Irish one.)

  • At 10:29 AM, Blogger MthNrd said…

    I hear hot sisters are useful if you are from Tennessee or West Virginia. Being from Kentucky though, all I know about are hot cousins.

    As for the 1-2-3 timeout method...we tried with Alyce, but with limited results. Her issue is that she is too strong-willed and any discipline "imposed" upon her is met with extreme resistance. So we are now using a sticker chart method and relying on her self-discipline. She gets sticker's when she does what she is supposed to do. If she misbehaves, she doesn't get a sticker for her chart. We don't take stickers away, she just doesn't earn them. She has to have 5 stickers/day in order to watch TV or a movie the next day. So far it has worked well.


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