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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

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So I went out walking on Sunday. I raised $335 for the babies, which is not bad. But the team raised $1880 altogether, which is great! Of course, I had a good time with Ryan and some of the other teammates, and he got to run on the sand. And now I have a couple songs to record.

I saw this article online the other day. Doctors have discovered a fascinating new fact about how cells die (i.e. how you die) when they're cut off from oxygen (say, when you've had a heart attack). Which leads them to a whole new way of reviving you long after they thought they could. I dare you to read this paragraph and then not read the article.

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  • At 12:42 AM, Blogger Devyl Gyrl said…

    *clamps fingers down to keep from clicking link*

    *chants: "Not reading the article, not reading the article, not reading the article ..."*


    YAY for raising money for the babies! You rock, Ward. Hugs to the kids and Saundra.


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