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Monday, March 12, 2007

Another Saturday Night...

Saturday night, I helped out at a bingo parlor to raise money for my office. Let me just say that I have, in the past, thought that I might possibly have some small gambling issues.


I saw some gambling folks on Saturday night. Along with the normal paper cards, there are computers that keep track of 54 cards at a time. I saw people there with 6 computers that were constantly running through the instant cards (like scratch-offs) that we were selling. There were people already there when we showed up. One of the more regular volunteers told me that those people had been there since 8:00 that morning. (Bingo apparently runs every 5-6 hours.)

And if you thought poker players and sailors were superstitious, you should come check this out. I was pegged as lucky by a couple of ladies; the color of the tickets were lucky or unlucky depending on the person and color; the position of the cards in my bucket was important for some was wild.

--Beav (That's a lovely perfume, must you marinate in it?)



  • At 8:20 AM, Blogger Bk30 said…

    Dude! Never, never get between a Bingo Grandma and her ink bottle.

  • At 10:04 PM, Blogger Eric said…

    Perfume? Is that 'Sex Panther' you're wearing? (Made with bits of real panther, so you know it's good.)


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