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Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Devyl made me do it!

Yes, it's another Devyl-inspired theme. I really dig these games, and they help me to occasionally get a blog post written for the ages. Anyway, she wrote this blog post about the letter Q. She asked for participants; I volunteered; she assigned me the letter S; and here we are. So, my favorite S-words:
  1. Sweetie - Sweetie always comes first.
  2. Sabre (or Saber) - I cannot write "S-words" without saying "Sabre" because it begins with the bloody letter S.
  3. Something - Something is for Soo (who should get a spot of her own, but that might be a little creepy). A couple years ago, when I made an offer of a recorded song for a March for Babies donation, she requested "Something." I almost recorded "Something," by the Beatles, but she's not much of a fan so I did Harry Connick instead.
  4. Science - Both cool (though not cool) and super. Science changes the world. And it will not go down without a fight.
  5. Supercooled Semiconductors - Not only a double, but an extension of #4. How can you make computers even more powerful? Supercooled Semiconductors.
  6. Superfluous - As in, most of these explanations are superfluous (but fun).
  7. Sexy - Always a good word. I love it. Allegedly the reason I got the letter S. Sexy is sexy!
  8. Spine-tingling - I'm not much for horror stuff anymore, but I have had some wonderful spine-tingling episodes (most of which have nothing to do with horror or fear).
  9. Samosa - Samosas are awesome. I get them everytime I go to Nawab back home. So tasty (like just about everything else they serve)!
  10. Silly - One of my key traits, and one I'm teaching to my children. I think that everyone should have a little silly in their lives. It keeps me happy. It keeps my family happy.
  11. Sweatpants - Probably the most comfortable piece of clothing ever devised. I'm wearing them right now.
  12. Squeeze - A good synonym for hug. I love hugs. They are the perfect way to express caring for people. My hugs have become known throughout the small circle of my close friends. I've been told they are something treasured.
  13. Squeeze-Hug - The squeeze-hug is something I do with my children. It's combination caring and play; love and fun. I hope it continues past the "Daddy, you're embarassing me" phase.
  14. Suggestive - I love all things suggestive. Granted, I like things that go beyond that even more. But suggestive is wonderful. It is sexy and sexual and smart. It makes the sexy happen in your mind.
  15. Smart - The one thing I want to be. The one attribute that I fell back on and kept my sanity with when all the world (or playground, anyway) said I was worthless. I knew then, as I still know now, that I was not worthless - I was smart.
Those are just 15 of my favorite super, special, spectacular S-words. Suppose you'd like to spend time sussing out your own selections? Slip me a short sign stating such, and soon you'll see.


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  • At 11:16 PM, Blogger Soo Mi said…

    hmmm... Okay, I accept your dare. Hit me with your best letter!

  • At 1:13 AM, Blogger Devyl Gyrl said…

    Squeeze-hugs are so much FUN! I do it with all the kids here, and they love to come running up to me, screaming "squeeze me squeeze me Aunt Angel, squeeze meeeeee!!!"

    Tres cute ;)

    You, my love, are sexy. And It is at least mostly due to that smartness you put at #15, but I always put at or near #1 when I think of you.

    Thanks for the fun list - superfluous or not, I read every word.


  • At 2:46 AM, Blogger Beav said…

    Soo, your letter is M. Enjoy!


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