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Sunday, February 15, 2009


But all for Valentine's Day.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, which makes me a little sad, 'cause my Valentine is roughly 14,000 miles away. At work, the day before, there was much singing-candy-gram-delivering. That was fun...listening to the songs (in beautiful harmony, no less) and the embarrassed shrieks of red-faced recipients. They even sold (and I bought) some anti-Valentine's baked goods which were pretty funny (and tasty).

I got, for my Sweetie and me, a matching set of T-shirts from Think Geek. They each have 6 hearts across the chest, Zelda style. When the shirts are within about a meter of each other, all six hearts will be illuminated (with the help of some batteries). When they are not, only 2.5 of them will be. I had her open hers early, so I could watch and tell her (as she realized what it was) "I'm never at full health without you." (I'm a dork, whatever.)

I'd like to post a picture, but at the moment, I have no AAA batteries, so no lightie-uppie. Meh...I'll get there.

Hope you all enjoyed the day, whether it was special for you or not.

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  • At 2:05 PM, Blogger Soo Mi said…

    that is so freakin' hawesome!

  • At 9:50 PM, Blogger Soo Mi said…

    Also, I wanted to say that I'm also anti-VD, which is why I stay monogamous.

    And I don't celebrate "hallmark" holidays. Personally, I think that every day is Mother's/Father's day, and every day is a good day for love.

    Or whatever.

  • At 12:37 PM, Blogger Kris said…

    My day was low-key. Daniel and I celebrated, more or less, by going out to eat the night before, because Friday February 13th is the date we went on our first date, and we also married on a Friday the 13th (in April) so we love all of them. They are our lucky days. Leave it to me to buck convention. We tried to cap off our night by seeing Friday the 13th (he is a horror-film-enthusiast, not me) but, get this, it was SOLD OUT. In this day and age, I never expected a sold out film, especially that one. A remake, a horror, and a cheesefest. I was flabbergasted. Oh well.

    Also, I believe the Hallmark-holiday thing, for the most part. My hubby isn't a romantic in the classical sense, so I see no need to force him to celebrate nor pitch a fit if he does not do so spontaneously. So I abscond. Luckily, he remembers the Friday the 13ths, and that is enough.

    (An aside for you, Ward - I have seen HR Block tax commercials this month featuring a cupid trying to melt the heart of his tax man with arrows, and the tax man in question is Choctaw's own Hank Dittman. Fer real!)

  • At 8:51 AM, Blogger kevin hall said…

    Bro, You're the best. That's the coolest gift ever. Thank goodness for nerd humor.

    Kris: Boy the Choctaw peeps are getting famous.


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