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Monday, June 29, 2009

"Lieutenant Dan, what are you doing here?"

Last night, I waited in a line at the theatre. After waiting for a time, we were let in, and despite being somewhere around 50th in line, I got an excellent seat. Some time later, the lights dimmed and someone's commander came to the stage to introduce the Lt. Dan Band. Gary Sinise plays bass in a 12-person ensemble that does shows for the USO. They play an eclectic selection of Soul, Country, Rock, Jazz, whatever. It was a great show.

So my seat was, in fact, front row. I was close enough to see the sweat on their brows. To cap it off, I was able to coin Kimo Williams (a Vietnam Vet who plays guitar) and I got a set list from the stage.

Yeah. It's pretty cool.

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