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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Interesting week

It's been an interesting week. Monday morning I had to get up (and get my wife and son up) an hour early. Most of you know I'm in the military. Well, I have recently been put in charge of the "inbound" office. This means that when someone comes into the unit, before they get into training and sent to their workcenter, I'm in charge of them. This makes me a de facto supervisor for most of them. One of them failed a room inspection, and the inspector wanted supervisors to stand the re-inspect with them. That was a less than pleasant experience, though not as bad as it could have been.

And London! That was unexpected. I hadn't thought our new security practices were deterrent enough to send terrorists looking for other targets, but perhaps I was wrong on that. I must say that the Brits (to everything I've seen) are taking it with all the stoicism one would expect from them.

I generally tend to steer clear of political discussion. Political discussions have a tendency to become political arguments. However, there's something that's been puzzling me for quite some time and it was brought to the forefront again recently: What is it about Hillary Clinton that makes her so polarizing? I personally am one of the 3-5 people in the country who is somewhat "middle of the road"-feeling about her...fairly ambivalent. Everyone else seems to shower her with adoration or fling vitriolic hatred at her. Why?! I don't get it.

Well, catch you all later!


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  • At 8:33 PM, Blogger Chrys said…

    When it comes to politics, most people feel very strongly about their position, whatever it is. Few of us are middle of the road.


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