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Friday, April 23, 2004

Lobster? Can't Beet That!

Today was all about fun, and its consequences.

My entire afternoon was spent washing cars for a fund-raising thing for my office. It was awesome. I had a knack for pulling people off the road to come get their cars washed. And, for some odd reason, I had fun washing cars (though not so much drying them). There is nothing like watching your boss wash your car, by the way. If there is any way to arrange it, I highly recommend it to you all.

The consequence being that I was in the sun for several hours, and (of course) did not wear any sunscreen; so I am red as a beet. (Or a lobster, if you will. Will you?) This is bad enough, but the day after tomorrow, I'm going to be walking 5 miles along the beach. That's bound to be at least a little sunny, which is, shall we say, uncomfortable on a sunburn. D'oh!

My wife stopped by and had her car washed, too. Then she went home, early for the day, asking me to pick up our son on the way home. What neither of us thought of (until it was time to pick him up) was that she had the carseat. D'oh! So, I picked him up and we waited in the car until she got all the way back. That was fun, but also frustrating.

Well, I'm lethargic; much like a steak is lethargic after being pulled from under the broiler, and for much the same reason. So, see ya.



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