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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Woo hoo boo!

Here it comes: Halloween! One of my favorite holidays of all time. I thoroughly enjoy dressing up and seeing everyone else's costumes and the candy...heh heh heh. I have eased off a bit from my younger days when it used to be less a costume than a role.

The year of "Black Monday" when the stock market crashed in mid-October ('84? '87?), I went as a stockbroker. I buttoned my shirt up crooked, untucked half of it, had my tie half off, my hair in disarray, and wore a sign that told the world (or at least my neighborhood) what I was. I walked around like some sort of borderline suicidal zombie. It was a great time!

This year, I'll be a convict (complete with orange jumpsuit and cuffs), my wife will be a sexy Alice (straight from my Wonderland), and my son will be a woodsman (ready to save Red Riding Hood, but minus the big axe). Gonna be so much fun!

So, loyal readers, tell me what you (and yours) will dress up as (or did dress up as if you read this after the day). And maybe some stories of Halloween's past?

Hope the evil spirits don't screw up your harvest!



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