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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Now in Full Circle

Well. I now have a Yahoo!360° page (thanks Drac!). In fact, I've also set this to feed that page automatically. You can read my blog from that page. Pretty cool.

I've been actively avoiding the news of Katrina. On one hand, this tragedy, like most, has brought out the best in most of us. On the other hand, it has also brought out the worst in some. The few hundred people (wealthy) holed up in the Ritz Carlton got twice the buses needed to evacuate while the several thousand at the Civic Center and Superdome (among the dead and dying) continued to wait. The National Guard, in evacuating some of the folks at the Superdome, is confiscating any cigarettes they find, as well as anything they think looks "too new." Now I don't condone looting (whatever the situation), but that just seems petty to me.

The upside includes some great stuff, too, though. is hosting several tournaments to raise money for those affected. Mercedes Lackey and her husband Larry Dixon are donating space for people to flop. That's pretty sweet. Nothing like opening your home to complete strangers.

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.


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