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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Where does he get those Wonderful Toys?

I know, it's been a bit since I posted last. Last post was my birthday. Shortly after that, I got presents. Overlord for the PC - a fantastic game ("Are you evil, or truly evil?") and Bard's Tale for the XBox - an update on the original. Then, we had to replace our TV (the old one would no longer accept outside the satellite or DVD player), and since I refuse to lug a tower and gargantu-CRT to Korea and Saundra's died, we got replacement laptops. (More debt, but will be dealt with shortly. Yay SRB!) So, I've had toys to play with and retain my wandering attention. I also have to update this new computer to do all the stuff my old one did...e-mail, games, mozilla add-ons, and what-not.

Off I go, to install and download.

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  • At 4:21 PM, Blogger Soo Mi said…

    Dude--that's like me getting Mister ready for his deployment:

    new digital camera: check
    multiple memcards: check
    mp3 player: check
    upgrade/defrag laptop: check
    power adapters: check
    rechargeable batteries: check
    cooler tray for laptop: check
    cables for mp3 and camera: check
    applicable software: check

    I'm left wondering if he's off to geek camp instead of war. Of course, telling me he dropped his mp3 player at the pool at a military base in the middle of the war theater didn't help define the gray areas either.

  • At 7:45 PM, Blogger Beav said…

    Sure it does...this part is gray, that part is light-gray.

  • At 2:52 AM, Anonymous La don said…

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