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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

When going wrong goes horribly, horribly right

I got my wife an electric guitar for Christmas. It comes with an amp, picks, plugs, strap, case, and a DVD that supposedly teaches you to play. After getting the e-mail alert about it shipping, I looked up to see that it was to be delivered on Monday (yesterday) while my wife was at home, but I was not. No worries...I just let her know that her big present was coming and not to do any inordinate peeking.

It comes, and for some reason, is NOT conveyed in a nice Christmas-present-friendly plain-brown box; but instead is in a box proudly displaying what the contents are with pretty pictures and big bright words.


So, we discuss the ramifications of the spoiled surprise, and we decide that I get to open my big present from her, to sort of even the score. It's an XBox 360! I had been just about certain that I would not be getting a next-gen console, so the excitement was, shall we say, evident. (I then proceeded to stay up way too late playing one of the little games they give away free with the system.)




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