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Saturday, April 24, 2004

It burns!!! (What a world, what a world!)

Today was a mostly-indoors day. Due to my sunburn, I've been reluctant to touch just about anything. My t-shirts rub the back of my neck wrong, the shower is an ordeal, and my wife is going nuts with the distance I'm keeping. But, we went shopping and got some Solarcane and some sunblock for tomorrow's walk.

Apart from the hot sun, it's gonna be a great time. Lots of people from work are coming and walking too. My wife and son will be there walking. And my son was 7 weeks premature, so (seeing as how that's the focus of this year) he'll be a little celebrity of sorts. (Not that he isn't already...) Plus, you can never go wrong with free food.

Today's church marquee: "No Prince Charming ever promised so much and delivered it like Jesus."

Well, I do have to say that in my extensive knowledge of Disney films and fairy tales, no Prince Charming has ever promised "everlasting life." But, to be fair, you have to discorporate to find out if Jesus pays up.

That's it for today, we love you...and so does Jesus (the Bible tells me so).



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