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Saturday, May 01, 2004


Have I ever mentioned how much I despise yardwork? Well, not here yet, I guess. Suffice to say, I despise it a lot. What brings this up is having done some yesterday after work. Ugh.

We had a soccer game earlier this week and got trounced. That team was way too good to be intramurals. You could tell just by the way they talked on field, and then watching them play and playing against them...ouch. It was still a fun time and I enjoyed myself, but...ouch.

My wife is showing some interest in playing Star Wars: Galaxies. This is good. I've been trying to get her to try it since January. If she gets in, we'll be able to play together, supplement each others' efforts. Mmmm.... Besides, there is a comfort when one obsession joins another.

Our resident Math Nerd has offered an interesting observation to the "Jews Killed Jesus" mentality:

"Maybe it is just a weird freak of natural law and statistics, but most (I would would wager >85%) of those who I have encountered that feel "the Jews killed Jesus" seem to be the same ones that have the obligatory bumper sticker that reads "In case of rapture, this car will be unmanned". Since the "The Jews Killed Jesus" people therefore look forward to the rapture, why are they upset that "the Jews killed Jesus"? It would seem to follow logically that the Jews did them a favor by making it possible for there to be a rapture. Would they have had Jesus live to ripe old age and not die for their sins?"

Excellent point. I suspect it would be lost on those who believe it, but an excellent point nonetheless. Personally, if you have to pin that death on anyone, I think it'd have to be Jesus, himself. I mean, he went around antagonizing all the people who can have you killed, hung around where he could be picked up (even told one of his buddies to go get the cops), and offered up no defense at his trial. Not to say that he deserved it; far from it. But you can't say that he was destined by God to die horribly and then blame the folks that carried out the Divine Will.

--Beav (Really, it's not a religion-based blog)


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