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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

These are a few of my favorite...websites.

I've decided to introduce all of you to a couple of my favorite websites. Well, some of you know them, and probably know them well. No...not those websites...clean ones.

The first is the website I reference anytime I hear about some new film that piques my interest: Internet Movie DataBase (or IMDB). This site has everything you ever wanted to know about just about any movie, actor, or whatnot. When someone says "Elisha Cuthbert's in this movie," I go to IMDB to remind myself who that is, because I can never remember. (She's the girl from "The Girl Next Door.")

The other website I find myself rushing to from time to time is Snopes. This is the ultimate "Urban Legend" truth page. When I hear about how this old guy thought cruise control would drive the car and ended up in a ditch, or when this guy's cousin's best friend's sister's hairdresser knew a guy who had his kidney stolen in Las Vegas, this is the place I go to grab a sanity check. They reference scams, hoaxes, and tons of outrageous stories. They've done tons of research and will back up their conclusions. The place to have on hand when you read your e-mail.

Oh, and the marquee of the day: "Feeling all alone? Come inside and find out why." No cynical remarks for that one today...I'm just gonna let it stand.



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