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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Obligatory thankfulness

Today was Thanksgiving. That means, by law, I'm required to blog about what I'm thankful for.

Mostly, I'm thankful for the marvelous family I have. I'm currently laying on an air mattress in the extra room at my sister-in-law's house. We had Turkey-day here and it was fantastic. The family I was born with called and I burned many of their minutes (and most of their battery time) chatting with anyone who would come to the phone. That was so cool. Part of the family that was here were in-law-in-laws (or whatever) and I was amazed yet again at how close we can all be even when we rarely see each other. Heck, we even had over a guy who works with my brother-in-law, just cause he didn't have anywhere better to go. See, that's the kind of thing I want to spread throughout the world. My wife didn't even try to strangle her mother and the whole day was just great.

I love my life.


What are you thankful for?


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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Around the Internets

Couple of things I've spotted...

Could someone get this woman to give some other religions a bad name? Christianity already has Falwell, Robertson, and countless others working the imbalanced psycho angle.

I think this bra is an interesting idea, but it just seems bulky, unwieldy. Perhaps some of my women readers can tell me if it seems practical to wear one of these under clothes.

And finally, to complete the trifecta, this gives me hope for the world.