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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Define 'Irony'

I bought a 'Poker Tip of the Day' calendar last weekend to keep on my desk here at home. (Of course, a Dilbert one sits at my desk at work.) Anyway, the tip for this weekend defines 'Narrowing the field' as:

"Betting or raising in the hope that you will drive some players out of the pot whose hands are currently weak (worse than yours), but who might improve their hands if allowed to stay in."

So, all weekend, I've sat on the Play Money 5/10 No Limit Hold-Em tables seeing the definition of narrowing the field on tables where it is impossible to do so.


Monday, January 22, 2007

What was new is old again

I've not been posting. Bad boy. All I can say is that I've been caught up. Had major sickies, weird work stuffs, and one of my friends has just left for parts dry and uncomfortable.

And, to compound that, I found this site. Though it doesn't come close to the titular "Every Video Game," it does have some really fun ones; ones that really take me back to teendom. I've been totally glued to Final Fantasy (no, not VII or X or X-2, just Final Fantasy). And to think, I found it because died as soon as I found it.

Next time you're tired of the same old FPS with the sweet graphics that look more real than your brother, or the role-playing game that truly lets you be who you want in a world more vast than our galaxy, take a look at our gaming past. Then totally tell your little sister to keep her cooties away from you.



Monday, January 01, 2007

May 2007 bring us more good news than bad

I guess I should post about the New Year, and maybe update everyone about the past few holiday weeks.

Let's see. Our Anniversary (the 24th) went well. I surprised Saundra with a new ring (which she promptly took around to show off). She got me a beautiful valet; wood with a leather finish and a nice brass monogram plate on the front (so now I show it off for you). It replaced the cardboard software tray that I had been using for all my "pocket stuff." We spent some time being close, drained a bottle of fake wine, and started setting up Santa Stuff for the morning. Santa gets the boys everything we don't want to wrap. If it's in a nice box, we got it. If it's got things sticking out and weird misshapen doohickeys...well, Santa doesn't have to wrap.

Christmas morning does nicely. The kids enjoy their gifts; heck Ryan can't keep his hands off Tristan's gifts. What is it about infant toys that are so universally appealing? Even as we were unboxing all the Santa gifts, Saundra couldn't help but play with them. After paper was shredded and boxes discarded, we started on the ham. I can say, without hyperbole, that it was the best ham I've ever eaten, and I'm a big fan of Heavenly Ham.

On the 29th, I get a call from Enterprise Rent-a-Car. They say that I've reached the limit of my insurance policy, and I can return it, or continue to rent for the same discounted price on my dime. Since it was estimated to be finished by today, I call the body shop that's fixing my car. "Perfect timing, Mr. Hall. We were going to call you in a couple of hours. It's in the finishing room now; we just need to give it the final once over to make sure we got it all." Excellent. We run to the rental place, return their Sentra, cruise to the body shop, retrieve my Civic, and slide on back home to relax. Good day.

On the 30th, Saundra's family came by for a visit. (They called on the 28th, but I figured that didn't warrant a whole entry.) Her parents, 2 brothers, a sister, and their families. It was a full house. We made another ham (m-mm, that's some good ham), and everyone enjoyed it. We all played Taboo and, as usual, the team Saundra and I were on totally kicked butt. The next morning, I made pancakes from scratch, we had some sausage and biscuits, and everyone pigged out again and had a good time before it was time to leave. Another good day.

That night I fell asleep watching the 2006 WSOP main event. Saundra woke me for midnight so we did manage to kiss in the New Year as we should.

Perhaps tonight we'll get around to draining the other bottle of fake wine.

--Beav (I'll have a fake hangover in the morning)

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