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Monday, April 06, 2009

Touch Someone

An extremely dear friend of mine - sister of my soul and brother by water - wrote recently about struggling to find an audience. Writing is what she does, and as with any artist, there is a sadness attached to shouting into the void. Playing upon the stage in an empty auditorium is merely rehearsal. I often joke about my dearth of readers (and many thanks to both of you), and truthfully the fact doesn't particularly bother me. But I am not a writer.

It caused me to reflect on how hard I sometimes try to get someone to go to karaoke with me. To find someone I can amuse with silly one-liners. To scrape up someone I can educate on some facet of knowledge I've gleaned over the years. Whatever your art, there is a joy in sharing that with someone. In having your efforts acknowledged by somebody other than yourself and the howling nothingness.

Please, any of you who read this: share with someone you care about something that they love to do. We can make each other a little less lonely today.

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