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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some stuff happened

Let's see. I went to Korea for a little over a week. The unit there will be inspected next year, so we took a team to look at their stuff and give them an idea of what they needed to fix in that time frame. I have decided that the best way to visit Korea is for one week. Get to come in, eat at all the good restaurants, visit some folks, buy some stuff, go out to some bars/clubs, and go home. Beautiful.

Then yesterday, I attended Warrior Challenge 2010. Didn't really compete, but I ran the 5K at the beginning. Didn't feel too bad. Unfortunately, the whole day took place outside, and I wore no sunscreen. So, today I am - shall we say - a little warm.

My Superintendent (and good friend) deployed with a 10-day notice. Though it sounds harsh, it was the better of two alternatives. He could have taken a later deployment, but his new wife (they've been together for a long time) has just been diagnosed with pregnancy. This shorter-notice deployment will have him back for the baby (and the holidays, too). On Tuesday, our boss is leaving. She's headed to my old stomping grounds to direct operations with an AFSOC unit (pretty sweet for her).

Saundra got the unit in Norfolk she was stationed at when we first got here. That delays the departure we've been trying to implement for another three years. Gol durnit.

Our washer died with extreme prejudice a couple days ago, and our new one will be delivered tomorrow. It's been an interesting few weeks. With luck, we can swing a boring few weeks in here soon.

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