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Friday, April 28, 2006

Dude! You're gettin' a data wipe!

A week ago, when plugging the power cord into my laptop, the port that it plugs into continued into the computer. The cord plugged into the port, but the computer did not register the power.

Since I bought it in late May/early June of last year, I was still under warranty, so I called Dell to find out where I could take it to be repaired. Apparently, my warranty is a mail-it-to-us-and-we'll-fix-it type. But it's free. The support guy got my addy, and soon there was a box at my door to put the computer in. I package my digital life in the box, with the little foam bits to pull out to make space for the power cord and what-not, and call for the shipping company to come get it.

Several days later, I get an automated call from Dell saying that the work was done and they were shipping it back. Good deal! A few more days, and my computer is back; huzzah! Upon opening the box, it turns out to be the very same one I sent (makes sense). Along with my computer and power cord (not put in the little space I pulled foam bits out to make), there are also 2 pieces of paper. One says that they've repaired my system board and base cover assembly ("Thank you for using DELL"). The other says that after extensive diagnostic testing, they recommend that I replace my hard drive to return my system to "an optimal condition." They apparently don't have those in stock, so they'll send one to me.

I'm a little confused. When I lost power, the hard drive was working fine. Perhaps it's not running as fast or as efficiently as it might? Guess I'll see. So, I plugged up (port looks good), and powered up. The process stops and the computer tells me that it doesn't have any bootable drives or media. An investigation showed that the computer could not find its own hard drive (hence the replacement to return it to an optimal condition, I guess).

Now, I'm not an IT professional, but I have built a computer or two. How do you kill a hard drive while repairing the &*!% power port?!?

--Beav (Can I get my data back, please?)

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Mother and Child Reunion is Only a Motion Away

Wow! What a day. Saundra woke me up this morning and said, “This is it; time to go.” We hustled everything up and into the car, and off we went. We got to Labor and Delivery and hung out there for a little while; called one friend to get our 4 year old (how did he get so big?) to day care; called another to pick him up later (set that up ahead of time, thank goodness); and then I went in to join my wife.

We spent several hours just waiting, as contractions came and contractions went (easy for me to say). The baby didn’t like us listening in on him, so to keep a monitor on his heart rate, they eventually had to put a probe in that sat in/on his cranium. She got an epidural (easier on the both of us), and we waited some more.

Fun interlude: somewhere during the last paragraph, Home Depot called about our floor measurements and such (Saundra's getting some of our floors redone). I say, "She's a little busy in labor at the moment." "Is she available, can I speak to her for a minute?" I'm a bit amazed at that response, so I reiterate: "She's in labor." "Oh. She can call back later."

Finally, the time was nigh, and she started pushing. I held one foot while a nurse held the other. For our older son, I was somewhere back by her head, so this was the first time I got the ringside seat. Amazing! It’s an experience like no other…disturbing and wondrous at the same time. And so was born our second lovely son.

Vital Stats

Weight: 9 Lbs. 1.9 Oz.
Length: 20.5 In.
Date/Time: 17 Apr 06/12:01 PM


--Beav (Who’s your Daddy?)

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

...Poker in the Rear

I've been playing on Poker Stars lately. Just a few Sit-N-Goes a day. Today, I made the best 2 hands I've ever had.

I'm the short stack with 954. Blinds are 100/200 with 25 ante. I have Js 6d and decide that this is where I have to make my stand. It comes around to me and I go all-in. I get one call, and here comes the flop. 789...all diamonds (Whoa, I've got a shot). The turn: Ks (come on...). And the river: 5d! Straight flush - Holy Crap! My desperation play turns into the best hand I've ever had.

Another Sit-N-Go; I've got 2990, which is 2nd best at my table. I'm on the button and I look at A9o. It's early in the tourney so the blinds are still 10/20 with no ante. I get one limper ahead of me, so I bump it up to 100. Meli calls, and Chuck doubles it to 200. We both call it and wait for the flop. It comes KKA, and I'm feeling cautiously good about it. Meli checks; Chuck says "let's go beaver" and bets 200. This worries me a little; it sounds like he's trying to goad me into calling. After a bit, I decide to push him a little, so I bump it up to 1500. Meli drops quickly and Chuck pauses, then calls. The pause makes me feel better; if he's got a K, he likely would have called quickly or re-raised me. Then the turn: A! I'm ecstatic; even if he's got a K, his full house would be crushered by my full house. He bets his last 570, and now I'm almost convinced he's got the last A, and we're gonna split it (oh well). I quickly call, and it turns out he's got JTc. The river comes and it's another A, and I've got quads! Holy Shit! I laughed in amazement through the next 2 hands.

Probably not the best hands I've ever played, but as hand ranks go, only one other rates with them. Pretty sweet for a rank amateur who won't yet trust himself to play for money.

--Beav ("Go Fish!")