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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I Am Disappoint

I've come to be very disappointed with many of the people I call friends (particularly here in Virginia).

As everyone is no doubt aware, there is something of a Syrian refugee crisis. Da'esh (or ISIS, or ISIL, whatever you want to call them) has made much of Syria and Iraq a non-tenable place to live. Brutal torture and death await people for the smallest infractions of the extreme code they preach. So, people are leaving in droves. Running for their lives, often with only their lives - when you flee murderous thugs, you generally don't stop to pack.

President Obama has called for housing some 10,000 of these refugees in the United States. Many (to say things nicely) disagree. Most or all of the GOP Presidential candidates have said vehemently that these refugees pose a risk - look at Paris! They ignore differences between our processes and theirs. It takes roughly two years of vetting before a refugee is admitted to the US. Literally NONE of the terror attacks that have happened on US soil were by someone admitted as a refugee.

I see the current rejection of refugees and think of another time when we, as a country, turned away refugees - Jews fleeing Nazi Germany. How many may have avoided the ovens and gas chambers had they found shelter in the Land of the Free? (Home of the Brave? Doesn't sound like it to me.) I actually used the current situation as a bit of a lesson for my youngest this morning. "Imagine you're being chased by some murderers. You pound on a door. 'Please let me in, there are killers after me!' 'No way!' they say. 'What if you're a killer?' How would that feel?"

Many of the people I know - that I've met either locally, or through my Air Force career - are saying the same things about these Syrians. "What if you're a killer?" I can't imagine how that feels. Even more from some that are very religious. It saddens me to realize that some of the most important lessons fall on deaf ears. "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." How do you turn away your Christ? Have you no shame, at least?