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Monday, April 19, 2010


Time has slipped, slipped, slipped into the future. Now I'm less than a week away from Walk Day and I haven't gotten a single sponsor to help me Save the Babies! If you can, please help.

The March of Dimes was founded to combat Polio. And they did it. So, instead of resting on their laurels - instead of patting themselves on the back and calling it a day, they decided there were more things to combat. They widened their view and took on all birth defects. Right now (and for the last several years) they are focusing on premature birth. As everyone who reads my blog on a regular probably knows, my first son was born 7 1/2 weeks prematurely. He did great (though it was disconcerting to see him with an IV in his head the first time). The equipment that helped him maintain his body temp, monitored his heartrate, were developed in part because of the March of Dimes and people who cared enough to donate.

The March of Dimes was an effort dear to my heart before Ryan was born. Since then, it is even more so.

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