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Thursday, October 15, 2009

What a Day!

Today started with me staying up last night, as I am (was) supposed to eval on my position over mids tonight. So, at 3:30, I’m closing up the vents after mangling the filters I was trying to change. I step down from the ladder (not a rolling or folding chair, but an honest-to-goodness ladder) and manage to step wrongly. I feel pain and hear a familiar “pop.”

Dammit, I managed to roll my ankle…wait, that pain is from further down. How do you roll your foot? After sending my wife and son back to sleep, I retire downstairs for ice and elevation.

Later this morning, I throw on jeans and a t-shirt so I can go in with Saundra and visit the Urgent Care Center. After telling my story a few times and being x-rayed, I’m laying on a table listening to the doc say “Well, it’s broken.” I am told that I’ll be getting a cast and an appointment to see Ortho for a cast. Don’t put any weight on it, don’t get it wet, and don’t feed it after midnight. (I’m pretty sure that’s what he said.) So, I can’t drive to work for my eval tonight. (Not to mention it screwed up her sitting for currency today.)

So, we’re heading back home for me to get a “shower” and changed to go into work, since I won’t be working tonight. And there, on the side of the interstate, facing the wrong way, is a car in the guardrail – occupied, lights on, and alone. So we stop for Saundra to help out while we wait for the fire trucks to arrive.

And all of this by 9:30 AM the day after my birthday.