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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bad Beaver

I've been a Bad Beaver. I haven't posted for quite a long time, even though some amazing things have happened in my life. I went to Afghanistan. Had a lot of fun, made a lot of friends, didn't get shot at even once (thank you!). Somewhat concurrently, Tristan (Bubby the Younger) started kindergarten. So now both my Mooseketeers are in school. Met a no-kidding chef (and got autographed cookbooks)! Got a kilt. Now I wear it any time I'm at home (and a few times when I'm not). I've been moved back to the squadron from the wing. This puts me back in the operational level I started in, which is a bit of a step back; but I'm a "Flight Chief" in charge of 40 Airmen, which is a big step forward. There are lots of interesting new challenge-opportunities for me. Oh, yes: I also bought a brand new Mustang Convertible. Sooner or later, I will start work on the children's book I conceptualized while in the desert. A description of some of the things/events on a Forward Operating Base (FOB). "'Boom! Boom! Boom!' says Ollie the Outgoing Artillery. I keep the bad guys away from the base." Life is life. I will try to be better about my ramblings.