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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The New Kid

I've completed my first day of class. First days are always full of nothing much, and this is not much of an exception. We were introduced, got our materials, received additional duties, learned about learning, and took a pre-test. I think I'll have a good time here, although I need to generate some study habits.

Since I entered the State sometime yesterday morning, I've had the tune to "Dixieland" running through my head. Since I have no desire to be in the land of cotton, I've retooled it just a bit.

"Oh, I wish I was in the land of magic
Time spent there is never tragic
Go today! Go to stay! Never stray!

Yes, I know that Disney World is much better, but that doesn't scan as neatly.

I saw another Church Marquee! (Driving through the South; who'd have thought it?)

"Give Jesus a try. If you don't like it, Satan will always take you back."

I thought that was an interesting tack, but it does seem to admit the possibility that opening your heart to Jesus just might not be immediately satisfying.

--Beav (Madonna wants you to open your heart to her.)

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Stories From the Digital Under-Ceiling

Turns out, the hard drive itself is ok. Unfortunately, that means it's the Mofo -- er, mobo (motherboard). So, in order to have that fixed, I have to send it back and let them have a go at breaking it even worse.

Since that will take longer than I have before spending 6 weeks in Montgomery, AL, I decided I needed a substitute. So, I bought a cheap tower, hooked it up to the peripherals I had from the last tower (that I replaced with a certain laptop) and we're back in business. And, after my sabbatical in the land of cotton, it can take up service as a print server and data store. I even got the good geeks at Best Buy to retrieve some of the data from the laptop hard drive and stick it on this one. (Yay!)

Well, I have to get to sleep soon. (I think) I have dodgeball in the morning.

--Beav ("On the Ocho!")

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