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Saturday, December 24, 2005

It's Christmas Eve! Happy Anniversary!

As I said, it's Christmas Eve. That makes it my anniversary. (Hence the 1224 on my name.)

This morning at midnight, Saundra and I exchanged gifts. I was able (finally) to find something to give her that fits the "Willow" tradition for a 9th anniversary. She happens to love weeping willows, so I got her a willow bonsai tree. She got me Dancing Barefoot by Wil Wheaton. I was totally stoked, and finished it by noon (though, to be fair, it only has 110 pages).

Saundra made a very astute observation this evening. When you're a child, and all you have to do is wait, Dec 24th dra-a-a-ags! But, as a parent, when I've (you've, we've, whatever) got to set out all the Santa presents and get everything as you need it for tomorrow morning, do last minute Christmas Dinner shopping, etc, it flies like an SST.

Happy Christmachannukwanzica!


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Sunday, December 18, 2005

More Stuff

Last night, my wife made bulgogi. It's a Korean spicy barbecuish meat dish, usually served with/over rice. I think it needed a bit more oil, but it was incredibly tasty and the heat was kickin'! That was pretty amazing. I mean, just a few years ago, neither of us would have considered making something like that. And now, as we discussed the apparent lack of oil, she suggested we find some red pepper oil, I half-snorted and said "we'll just make some." Dude. When did that happen?

We finally put our Christmas tree up last night, and this year, Ryan got to help. Holy mackerel! He was so-o-o-o excited. (I know, "no duh!") He'd put a little ball on the tree, come running back, "give me another one!" and start spinning. I'd have to stop him, let the dizzy pass before I could give one to him. And this was for every ball! He was a little scared to put the star up, but then again, I was holding him up and out toward the tree, while standing on a chair, with Saundra steadying me. I think it was a little too precarious for him. So, I got it up there for him.

And today, at work. I was told that I remind a few of my coworkers of Burt Reynolds. I had to ask: "Smokey and the Bandit Burt, or Boogie Nights Burt?" Much to my relief, they were thinking of old-school, Smokey and the Bandit/Cannonball Run Burt. So now I have to find a fat guy to hang around with me. Think Dom's available?


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Monday, December 12, 2005

Define me!

Ok, I need your help. I have a word with no definition. I need you to send me definitions for the word: Tarb.


Friday, December 02, 2005

Why I Love Music

We were driving in the car today...well, I was driving. Saundra was riding in the passenger seat reading her book and generally not paying attention to anything. The CD is Billy Joel's The Stranger. Track 8 - Get it Right the First Time - comes on, and it brings to mind the first time I met her.

At technical school, they have what they call a "phase program." It sort of eases you from basic training mentality back into real-life mentality (or at least normal active duty mentality). So, anyway, it was my last day in 2nd phase (with 11 o'clock curfew on the weekend, have to be in uniform if you exit the building, etc). My plan was fairly simple: go to the enlisted club in uniform until 11, then come home, change, and wait for midnight and 3rd phase (civvies after duty hours, no curfew on the weekend, etc.), then go back out and live the night. I (and my buddy) sign out with the "dorm guard," and she asks if we're going to the E-club. We are, and say so. She tells us that she has a friend in need of an escort, and yells up the stairwell. And down she walks. Getting to the E-club involves walking down a hill in the woods with no lights around (hence the escort). We get to a spot where there are cement steps placed in the hill where it gets steep. And she asks for an arm to steady her down the stairs. (She's a little night blind and is, of course, wearing heels.) Now, I'm about to get some real freedom, so I'm a bit - shall we say - giddy. So, instead of offering my arm, I pick her up and carry her down the stairs.

Seeing that we're now married, I guess I did get it right the first time.

The next track is Everybody Has a Dream. And I listen, still half lost in my memories, until the chorus comes along:
I know that everybody has a dream
Everybody has a dream
And this is my
dream, my own
Just to be at home
And to be all alone...with you
I smile, for Billy has, yet again, said exactly what I was thinking.