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Friday, November 23, 2007

I want to Rock!

Start with Guitar Hero (with a bassist)...add a singer, and a drummer. You know what you have? You have what may be the coolest music game ever created - Rock Band. Our gaming group all showed for Thanksgiving together and Wayne brought it. We spent most of the evening rocking city after city. Holy crap, that was one of the best times I've had with more than 2 people. Unfortunately for me, it's on the 360, but not the original XBox. It is (or rather, will be) available for PS2, but that means that there will be no downloading new songs and stuff. In theory, I could angle for a 360, but if I can get a new console, it'll only be one, and I think the Wii has to be it. (Although this game makes me wonder...)

Anyway, thought I'd pass that on. If you, like Twisted Sister, wanna rock, Rock Band is the game for you.

--Beav (we didn't break one million, though)


Monday, November 05, 2007

Holy Car-p!

I found (read: saw on Clicked) this article that really intrigues me.

This guy takes cars (well, usually SUVs and big trucks and stuff) and converts them to (bio)diesel/electric hybrids. Just like the auto companies say can't be done. With 90% off-the-shelf parts made by said auto companies. Oh yeah, not only does it slash emissions drastically, it also (roughly) quadruples the gas mileage and usually something like doubles the horsepower.

Detroit! Are you listening?! Make this guy your new chief of engineering!

The rest of you read the article. It is beyond well-worth your perusal.

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