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Thursday, March 20, 2008

They Sent Us Playboy...

So, my loyal readers, what's the one concert I'd like to see come to my area? Yup. Billy Joel. Guess who's coming to my area? Yup. Billy Joel. Guess where I'm going to be? Yup. Korea. He'll be playing the VA Beach amphitheater 21 June. Just 2-3 weeks after I fly out of the country.

D'OH! I knew there had to be a downside.

Well, the upside is still that I'm pretty sure I'll get to go to Denver afterwards. That adds up to a gorgeous (new) area, a pretty cool mission, and family nearby (emergency babysitting FTW!).

(Topic jump!) I have to say that there's one thing that never ceases to give me a pleasant surprise: when someone makes a point to come and thank me for my service when I'm in uniform. I've had older gentlemen insist on holding doors for me (and I'm a dude!), one lady bought dessert for my office and me when we were out having lunch. It's enough to make me blush.

Just sayin'.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

-30 News of Sadness

Gary Gygax has died. There it is. Depressing news.

For the uninitiated, Gary created Dungeons and Dragons, without which it is likely we would not have Role Playing Games at all. World of Warcraft wouldn't exist. Magic: the Gathering? Nope. Not to mention that many of us geeks would never have met each other. Many relationships that last for years would never have begun. Many would never have left their mothers' basements.

I still remember walking around Jr. High, playing diceless between classes. It was a great challenge because you had to keep the map in your head, remembering which way that treasure room was and the best escape route from the ogres you'd just stumbled across. I also remember having twice the books at my disposal because my best friend's mom was convinced D&D was satanic, so he kept his books at my house.

A lifetime of my memories can trace their roots to the creations of Gary Gygax.

Roll well on your new character, Gary. You can join the party again.

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